Yaarana (1981) Full Hindi Movie | Amitabh Bachchan, Amjad Khan, Neetu Singh, Tanuja, Kader Khan

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The movie story deals with Kishan and Bishan both are childhood friends. Kishan is an orphan but he is self-sufficient and hard-working, while Bishan comes from an affluent background. The friendship between the two is extremely strong and is the bane of Bishan's uncle who has his eyes on his widowed sister's wealth. In a bid to separate the two friends the uncle manipulates his sister into sending Bishan away to the city and then abroad for further education.

When the two friends re-unite years later, Bishan discovers that Kishan has a great voice. Bishan is now a successful businessman and he wants to promote Kishan's singing talent. Kishan goes to the city with his friend, where Bishan asks Komal to groom him to be a performer and a gentleman. Kishan tries to get expelled from the process by being uncooperative and disruptive.

In the meantime, Bishan discovers that the family wealth has been systematically looted over the last 18 years by the uncle and his son. He is forced to borrow by mortgaging his remaining assets in order to ensure that Kishan becomes a successful singer. This causes a major rift between Bishan and his wife who is convinced that Kishan will turn his back on his friend if he were to ever succeed. Kishan's debut concert is a huge success & he goes on to donate the proceeds of his earning & consequent record deals to rid his friend Bishan of his many mortgages & in order to help woo his estranged sister-in-law & lovable nephew back into the house.

Kishan proceeds to become a star and Komal - his trainer professes her love for him. Bishan in the meanwhile falls into a conspiracy further set by his treacherous uncle & cousin. He is kidnapped alongside several hostages - primarily children on his shipping vessle, brainwashed & tortured & forced to sign a confession that all the misdeeds have been done by him. Bishan loses his mental stability & goes into shock.

He is then thrown into an asylum after he loses his mind & suffers from amnesia. Kishan pretends to be mad & admits himself in the asylum by tricking the authorities & saves his friend by reviving his memory successfully by feeding him rotis as he used to when they were children

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