TVF's He's Not Chotu | Children's Day Special

What happens when a headhunting agency recruits Chotu as Sharmas’ domestic help?

This satire looks at the issue of child labor, with the hope that we finally stop ignoring it. Log on to to start making a difference today. 

There is a Chotu around many of us. We can either choose to be ignorant and accept child labour as their fate or break the silence, speak up and report. You and I can make a difference. We can make a difference to their lives by ensuring every child gets the right to a safe, free and healthy childhood which is spent in school. This is the message of the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation's "100 Million for 100 Million" Campaign. Speak up for the rights of others, and let every child be free to be a child.

The 100 Million for 100 Million Campaign aims to be the biggest and boldest mobilisation in history. Today's youth, nearly 40% of the world population, represents a force for idealism and positive change. The spark igniting Mr. Kailash Satyarthi's own life's work was the anger he felt as a child watching a poor cobbler's son toil by the road while he was on his way to school. His teacher’s response “some children are born to work” angered him even more and made him realise that he wanted to change this when he grew up. In all his efforts since, Mr Satyarthi has seen how young people are the key drivers for change, for example, child slaves that he has freed have gone on to become the strongest advocates for all children in their villages, enrolling children into school and changing hundreds of lives. The Campaign will call upon 100 Million young people to learn about their own rights and the lives of other children around the world who live in unimaginable situations caused by conflict, exploitation and extreme poverty. Through the campaign, 100 Million children will speak up and act to support many more child activists advocating to build a child friendly world where every child has an equal chance in life. By instilling compassion and leadership in today's generation of youth, the campaign aims to fight the problems of tomorrow.

Developed by : Akansh Gaur and Vineet Kanabar
Directed by : Amrit Raj Gupta
Written by : Shefali Parashar
Executive Producer : Arun Kumar
Creative Director: Apoorv Singh Karki
Creative Producer : Shreyansh Pandey
DOP : Shree Namjoshi
Edited By : Gourav Gopal Jha
Colour graded :  Amit Kulkarni
Art : Abhimanyu Jai, Gaurab Banerjee
1st Assistant Director : Divyajot Singh
Sound Recordist : Rajesh Pradhan and Abhishek
Post Production Manager : Gaurav Rungta
Marketing Team : Vineet Kanabar, Vijay Naidu and Aakash Chaturvedi
Asst Directors : Aakash Kumar
Asst DOP : Alpesh Nagar and Vineeth Srinivasan
Asst Editor : Hilal Ahmad Mir
Production Manager : Aanup Doshii
Social Media : Brijesh Muliya, Milan Barsopia and Dhananjay Nachar
Costumes : Kriti Shukla and Subhasmita Chakrabarti
Unit Production Manager : Ankit Manta
Production Executive : Santosh Lokhande
Accounts : Mayur Bane
Make-up : Sanjay Nigam (Bobby)
Location : TVF Campus
Starring :
Interviewers: Nidhi Singh, Amit Golani and Anandeshwar Dwivedi
Chotu: Varin Parpani

Special Thanks: Kunal Aneja

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